I was walking through the forest,
A path long and dark.
Welcomed by dogs like I was a guest,
Dogs that never did bark.

They were not my mission,
I kept moving further.
For my mind in total confusion,
In search of my brother.

The sky was coal black with a shine less moon,
And trees lifeless with no leaf.
Seemed like the devil had got his boon,
For which we were to grief.

My path was completely covered in fog,
I couldn’t see the way.
For it was then that I saw a shadow talk,
But didn’t know what to say.

I called at him to ask for my brother,
As I started running.
He shouted back yelling for water,
As he was almost dyeing.

I was helpless as I had nothing to give,
I just stood and saw.
The death of a man in a forest deep,
With open arms and an open jaw.

I fell on the ground shocked and terrified to see,
As though thunder had struck me.
For the cold dead body lying in front of me,
It was my brother, yes it was he!

I was half dead and trying to fight my tears,
With my dead brother in my lap.
With suddenly in my cell a message appears,
It was my mother saying,” your brother is back.”

On hearing that ,my throat got a lump,
Frightened, I stood up and ran.
I had to overcome huge rocks and bumps,
I jumped, tripped ,fell and bang!

I was bathed in sweat when I opened my eyes,
I jumped up to sit in my bed.
My pounding heart and fear slowly dies,
“THANK YOU god to let it end!”

For it was then that I realized it to be a dream,
The clock tricked 4:00 on the shelf.
I got down from my bed and went to bring,
A glass of water for myself.

I came back and checked my cell as it was near,
My mind was blown out of track.
As I found the same message still lying there,
Saying that,” your brother is back.”

-Shreyansh Saurav